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YUYU is the first sustainable brand to offer luxury home goods at honest prices without a single compromise on quality.

All of our products are produced in a socially and environmentally harmless way. We pride ourselves in saying we’ve built an extensive production network around the world. There’s no middleman. We work together one-on-one with our craft(wo)men and share a hands-on approach that’s mutually beneficial. We would be nowhere without them, and our products are the bricks of their entrepreneurship. It’s a true win-win. Together we preserve ancient artisan techniques and push economical independence and empowerment forward. Most of our partners are in developing countries and all of them are independent, family-ran businesses.

Our ethos is that the journey is just as important as the destination. The production process is an integral part of the final product. A gorgeous design piece isn’t worth a dime if it caused harm to our planet or people along the way. Karma! That’s why we pay close attention to every step of our production process. We maintain close relationships with the craftsmen and women around the world that make our products, visit them frequently, produce in an eco-friendly way and use recycled resources whenever possible. 

Our design team is based between Amsterdam and New York City. Our items are produced all over the world.

Our products are exquisitely handcrafted from the best raw materials. However, you might have noticed our prices are a little lower than what you’re used to for this segment. Because of our direct network of suppliers (we don't work with a middle man) we can skip luxury markups for two simple reasons: 1. We don’t want to play Jedi marketing tricks on our customers. 2. The more we sell, the more people benefit along the way; higher quantities means more economic independence and empowerment for our collaborating partners. Simple as that.